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Maria Lobanovsky

Maria is the daughter of artist, Jaroslav Lobanovsky and singer Olga Mamontoff Lobanovsky. As a young chiIMG_0324ld her parents and grandfather, Nicholas Mamontoff, encouraged her to paint and draw. She majored in art and fashion design in high school and in Fine Arts at San Francisco State University (SFSU). She taught art at Francisco Junior High in The City’s Marina district. She applies her artistic skills to interior and landscape design, photography, abstract expression and exploration of new mediums.

Author of five ebooks: Drinks and Zakuski  , The Russian Sweet Tooth, Beyond Beef Stroganoff , Beyond Borscht and Beets, and Fish and Other Friends From Land and Sea, Maria continues to expand The Lobanovsky Family Table series, a collection of family recipes and stories, available on Amazon.

Contact Maria at atelierlobanovsky@gmail.com.

Jaroslav Lobanovsky (1900 – 1992)   

Jaroslav Lobanovsky was born in Zhitomir, Russia. Prior to the revolution he attended Military Academy in Kiev where he originally honed his artistic skills. As one of the Junkers guarding the Winter Palace Jaroslav ultimately fled to Berlin, Germany and embarked on a 20-year dance career during which time he performed with major ballet companies throughout Europe. Lobanovsky’s artwork first became a source of support while he lived in Copenhagen awaiting his visa to North America. Shortly after his arrival in the U.S., he returned to dance as a key performer in the Platoff and Don Cossack choirs. In 1945 he became Artistic Director for USO Unit 19, and danced his way around the United States, from quonset huts to the naval carrier, Midway. Post USO, Lobanovsky opened a ceramics studio called “Ballerina” and sold works through elite San Francisco gift stores. His artwork, expressed through virtually every medium, serves as a documentary of his life and times, in Europe and America. His signature piece is a life-size sepia charcoal on board of Marilyn Stevens, USO Unit 19’s classical ballet dancer. For the full story click here.

Olga Mamontoff Lobanovsky   (1913 – 1993)

Olga Mamontoff, the younger of the two Mamontoff children, was born in Oksha, Russia. She lived in Siberia with parents and older sister, Cleopatra, until age five when the family moved to Manchuria due to the turmoil of the Russian revolution of 1917. During the following nine years in northern China, the Mamontoffs became Chinese citizens until the family immigrated to San Francisco in 1927. Olga graduated from St. Rose Academy and earned a degree in business from Heald College all the while studying voice and drama. She was among those of the Russian community who entertained at the opening festivities of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge in 1937.

Olga’s studies paid off initially when she contracted for two seasons to sing with the San Francisco Opera Chorus in the early 1940s. She was a popular and treasured singer who also performed at many events in the Russian community. She was actively involved with the Russian Veterans Association for which she was crowned Queen of the Invalids’ Ball, San Francisco, as the highest fundraiser of 1947.

When Olga moved to Hollywood she joined the Screen Actors’ Guild (SAG) and worked in several films, among them Song of Russia. Following its release she felt patriotically drawn to join the USO Hospital and Camp Shows domestic circuit’s Unit 19 as the lead, classical soprano for the Russian Revels. This multi-talented and diverse ensemble spent five years traveling throughout the U.S. entertaining American troops recuperating from injuries sustained in WWII.

In 1947 Olga married Jaroslav Lobanovsky, co-founder, character dancer and Artistic Director for the Russian Revels. She and her husband chose San Francisco as their permanent home. Upon retiring from the USO Olga pursued a career with the U.S. government for the next 25 years. Though an accomplished entertainer and businessperson, Olga was most proud of her role as grandmother, which she assumed with great joy and dedication in the latter chapter of her life.

The Family Crest (1109)

The Legend of Rogala reads like a fairy tale, where the knight conquers danger and saves the King!  Though the date given is questionable, certainly by the 13th century the crest did exist.

The legend of origin of the Rogala arms alleges that in the year 1109, King Boleslaw Wrymouth, returning from campaigning in Prussia and Pomerania, stopped at Raski to rest and divert himself with a hunt. While out in the field, a wild bison attacked the king. One of the knights present, a member of the Biberstein clan, seized the bison by his horn, and wrestled him to the ground, tearing off his horn in the process! Subsequently, the King added a bison’s horn to the original Biberstein coat of arms and changed the gold of its field to silver. The newly augmented arms were called Rogala [the horned]. The date asserted seems implausibly early.

6 comments on “About Us

  1. Viktor Lobanovskiy on said:

    Hello Maria,
    Enjoyed reading about your family roots.
    It is always nice to see the same last name.
    My family is from Belarus and we live in WA and FL.

    Viktor Lobanovskiy

    • Viktor
      Thank you and my apologies for the delayed reply. I did not think there were other Lobanovskys around in the U.S. Good to know. I hope you will continue to enjoy the posts. I plan to be more active next year. This year was taken up with writing book #3, Beyond Beef Stroganoff, which I plan to post to Amazon Kindle shorty. Best regards, and Happy Newy Year.

      • Viktor Lobanovskiy on said:

        Hi again,
        I lost your web for a while.
        Thank you for your respond.
        Do you have any relatives in Argentina?
        Trying to find at least some roots of our last name…
        I have some relatives there and also know that Soccer Couch, Valeriy Lobanovskiy (Kiev-Dinamo) visited them during his games in Argentina. Seems like we are related.

        Sorry for bothering with different topic,

        Viktor Lobanovskiy

        • Maria on said:

          Nice to hear from you again. I am not aware of any relatives in Argentina. I was also told that we are also not related to the famous soccer coach. Then again, I was told that the Lobanovsky name is from the Ukraine region. Sorry I cannot be or more help with your question.
          Happy upcoming Easter. And, by the way, Beyond Beef Stroganoff is finally up on Amazon Kindle.
          Best regards, Maria

          • Viktor Lobanovskiy on said:

            I was extremely busy lately at work and a Church.
            Got back to your website and our conversation still here…(-:
            Wish you and your family Happy New Year!
            Best regards,
            Viktor Lobanovskiy

          • Viktor,
            And a Happy New Year to you. Before you know it, Easter will be here!

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