“My Heart Belongs to Albert” – admits Lady Tessie

It’s not often that a certain someone steals your heart forever, but that’s exactly what happened to Tessie, my adopted Gordon Setter. In June of 2013 Tessie was still recovering from countless procedures and me, from the resulting vet bills. Albert’s “parents”, Lisa and Vegard, were among the visitors that I hosted in Sonomimagea that year. Once home, Lisa and Albert (a most handsome Doxie!) “discussed the matter” and decided to offer help, via social media. I was touched beyond words. In fact it’s taken me this long to find a way to tell the story. By mid-2013, however, Tessie was getting healthier and the bills, smaller, from the time I rescued her in early 2012.

But what came from that initial visit would be a friendship that crossed oceaAlbert, Christmas 2014ns and went beyond species. This year, Tessie and Albert exchanged Christmas cards.Who knows what’s next? For me, this demonstrated the IMG_1807unexpected gifts one receives from the sharing economy and social consciousness of communities like Airbnb. Love on steroids in so many ways – as confirmed by Tessie and Albert!

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2 comments on ““My Heart Belongs to Albert” – admits Lady Tessie

  1. Jackie on said:

    I want to hear more about this story-send me an email.
    Love it!

    • Maria on said:

      Jackie, Albert belongs to two darling guests I had from Norway. It’s a bit long for an email, but let’s talk and I will gladly share the story.

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